Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Sketching in Hanover Staatstheater

I am spending a few days in Hanover and sketching the ballet company form the Staatstheater. There is great beauty in the dance and I'm confronted with the limits of sketching being unable to catch the movement. I get frozen moments, fragments of bigger picture. However funny is you see all the sketches together you start feeling what is going on there. I'm experimenting a lot, trying to understand the best way (or ways) to portrait a ballet. Degas of course is a great reference. Here a few of the sketches I did yesterday.



  1. I love ballet and you have captured these poses perfectly.

  2. Hi, I haven't commented before, but have been really loving your blog for some time. This post made me laugh (& grimace) along with you -- I had the same experience trying to sketch my niece's figure skating class!

    p.s. What did you decide to do about your beard?

  3. thanks, @Sue, you are always so kind!
    Thanks @DesertMermaid, I really appreciate comments, I don't get some many comments so I sometimes ask myself for whom I'm writing this. Wow Skating! that is a challenge! I wil post more drawings of the dancers!
    about the beard I decided to keep it, in a short way...In the EMirates was easy to find a barber as well as in italy.. in Germany the question became a little more difficult.. it is a price thing.. but I went to a turkish barber in Hannover....I´m wondering how will be in Saint John's NF Canada.