Friday, April 29, 2011

Fred's Records

In the days of internet and wild downloading you don't find a record store very easily. I mean this old places where you can get lost and find great music because people are there and advice you to hear this or that. Fred's Records is one of this places. Very vintage, a huge space, something that you probably find only in St. John's. I have to go back and do and sketch from the interior, but enjoy this one from the outside for the moment!
Fred's records

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  1. In Maryland, where I grew up, there was a music warehouse like this, a HUGE building, so cool on the inside, and everyone who worked there seemed to know anything and everything about music. Eventually, it became 'Peaches', which was a music store chain in the 70s ... I still have an old wooden LP crate (a peach fruit crate) that they used to display the LPs. Your post today made me think of that place -- something I haven't done in a long long time.