Thursday, September 29, 2011

Flowers in Kreuzberg

In the Marheineke Halle in Kreuzberg. Silke is working.
Flower shop, Kreuzberg

Friday, September 23, 2011

Almanci! Kahvehane Reloaded

50 years have past since the first Turk guest workers came to Germany to help with the German "Wirtschaftwünder". Now they are an integral part of this Society. However there are conflicts and contradictions between this two cultures becoming one.
This Parcour takes you in a tour through different Cafe houses and in every one you can see a short performance that tells you something.
I enjoyed walking through Kreuzberg with a plan in my hand that explains you how to find the next cafe. By the time you enter the next Cafe you have experienced all the smells and sounds of the hood. Life went on as usual there. Men played cards and games. This a place that you always wanted to enter but you never dare. You felt estrange surrounded by a language you don't understand.






Thursday, September 22, 2011

Coffee Cult in Kreuzberg

I just got up. I am cat-sitting for a friend in Kreuzberg again. I will go down a have a coffee. I love the place. Do you understand why?
Cafe Cult ,Kreuzberg, Berlin
The watercolor is for sale.

There is love why do you hate?

Es gibt Liebe, warum hasst du?
Es gibt Liebe warum hasst du
A great performance I enjoyed the other day (13.09.11) in the Kreuzberg Cityhall.
With Yarom Shamir (dance and Choreography) Gerhard Hoffmann (Text and Director) Music by Gerhard Hoffmann and Luci van Org.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Jüdische Kulturtage Berlin

I did a new document in issuu with all the drawings of the Jewish culture days. Enjoy!

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Amsterdam Klezmer Band

The closing event of the "Jüdische Kulturtage" (Jewish culture days) in Berlin put every body to dance. I am very happy of this set of drawings, you can see clearly how the music influences my work.
In the first one we are just getting warm. The musicians still with their jackets and I using predominantly lines rather than color.
Amsterdam Klezmer Band 01
In the second drawing you can see how everything is getting loose.. the music is getting into the soul.
Amsterdam Klezmer Band 02
In the third one we went crazy.. just color .. only a brush can paint so fast...
Amsterdam Klezmer Band 03
We got up and start dancing! Feel the music and check their music in their website

If you want to see all my drawings regarding the "Jüdische Kulturtage" check the following link.

Feidman & Friends

Jüdische Kulturtage - Saturday 17.09.2011 9 PM - Synagogue Rykestrassen

It was a wonderful concert. Giora Feidman enchanted us with his music and his charm.
Before it started everybody was reading the newspaper

I realized too late that my place was not the best for drawing...
...but I also got very interesting views
Giora Feidman signed my drawing
I change my position and did more drawings
The public loved him. He made everybody sing.

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Bubble tea in Kreuzberg

Kreuzberg is a place where you are happy to get lost, because you start finding the most wonderful laces. Like this tea shop in the Graefestrasse. I tasted for the first time a bubble tea. that is a cold tea with bubbles and instead of sugar tapioca balls. Delicious!
Tea Shop
Here is their link if you want to know more about it.

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Reading marathon Jewish Culture days Berlin

Lesemarthon Jüdische Kulturtage

In front of the Centrum Judaicum in Oranienburger street there is a reading marathon conducted by pastor Felix Leibrock. Well known people read from the 3 sacred books.

Vor dem Centrum Judaicum auf der Oranienburgerstr. findet eine Lesemarathon statt. Prominente Leute lesen aus den drei heiligen Büchern.

Bio Ice Kreuzberg

Poeple made line to buy the bio ice at the Markhalle. A nice szene on a Sunday afternoon in Kreuzberg
Bio Eis

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Friseur Magic Suat in Kreuzberg

As you know I love to visit Barber Shops and oriental Barber shops are always a great experience.:-)

Monday, September 12, 2011

Food meets dance

In Wappensaal from the Berlin City Hall the Indonesia Embassy presented the Event Food Meets Dance. things to eat and very interesting dances to see.



Sunday, September 11, 2011

Shuk Ha'Carmel Berlin

Sunday in Charlottenburg, Berlin. As part of the Jewish culture days there was a Shuk Ha'Carmel in the Fasanenstreet in front of the jewish community center. Many people visited the market.

Sonntag in Charlottenburg, Berlin. Es gab ein Shuk Ha'Carmel auf der Fasanenstrasse, gegenüber dem jüdischen Gemeindehaus. Es gab viele Leute.
Shuk Ha Carmel03
There was live music too.

Es gab auch Live-Musik.
Shuk Ha Carmel02
It was also an opportunity to visit the jewish community center. As I learned from the photos inside, there used to be a synagogue at the same place before. The Portico is what remains from it. The rest of the building was built at the end of the 50's.

Es war auch möglich das jüdische Gemeindehaus zu besichtigen. Ich habe durch Photos erfahren, dass es früher eine Synagoge an der gleiche Stelle gab. Der Portikus ist noch übrig geblieben. Das Gemeindehaus wurde Ende der 50ger Jahre gebaut.
Shuk Ha Carmel01
Shuk Ha Carmel04

Featured in UPPERCASE journal website

The journalist Martin Connelly and me did a long journey through Newfoundland in other to meet a 95 years old Fisherman. Martin did an interview and I did some portraits of him.

I am very proud of our work together. I will never forget our boat trip. In Newfoundland you can travel for kilometers without seeing anybody. Maybe because I grew up in a big city and I had not much contact with wild nature, I felt like a kid again in an adventure. It was a wonderful experience.

The interview with my sketches will come in the issue #11 . Meanwhile you can read the introduction as contributors in the UPPERCASE website

Mokkabar in Kreuzberg

Mokkabar in Kreuzberg
You might think that I only jump from one Cafe to another but I have not found the ONE yet.
I like this drawing, it shows something about the place and something about the people that visit the place without showing the place itself.

Friday, September 9, 2011

Jüdische Kulturtage Eröffnungskonzert

Dagmar Manzel & Tal Balshai
played W.R. Heymann for his 50th death anniversary
spielen W.R. Heymann - zum 50. Todestag

The opening concert was in the Rykestrasse Synagogue
Das Eröffnungskonzert war in der Synagoge Rykerstrasse
Before the concert starts.
Bevor das Konzert anfängt.

The ensamble
Das Emsemble
Robert Gallinowski hosted the show with a lot of humor.
Mit sehr viel Witz hat Robert Gallinowski moderiert.
Dagmar Manzel & Tal Balshai
It was so difficult to draw Dagmar Manzel. She can express so much with just a simple hand movement.
Es war sehr schwear Dagmar Manzel zu zeichnen. Sie kann so viel mit einer minimalen Geste ausdrücken.
Knutt Weber Violloncello
The audience was thrilled by the music.
Das Publikum war begeistert.

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Sunny days

Two weeks ago the weather was perfect. I was enjoying the the sun in Berlin at the Häckesche Markt. On the back the Berlin Dome.