Sunday, February 15, 2015

The best Pencil sharpener in the World!

My small material report from the Creative-world fair in Frankfurt

Two weeks ago I visited the Creative-world fair. I had a lot of time to look around and find some new products that I didn't know before. I though I should share that information with you.

While talking to some color pencils manufactures, the conversation turned to pencil sharpeners. I have to confess I never gave much though about sharpeners before. I got a lecture about quality and how important they are, and that sometimes when the mine break is not because of the pencil quality but because of a bad sharpener. They mention that the best sharpeners are made by a German company called Kum,  I never heard that name before so I have to take a look at their booth. I got one from them to try. It is good, but is it the best? I don't know the name of any other company that does pencil sharpeners. I will trust the opinion of the pencil manufactures in this case. The pencil sharpener cage has holes for two different pencils sizes and even come with two extra blades inside.
According to #colorpencils companies #kum makes the #best #pencil #sharpener in the world. I never gave much though about sharpeners before but I had to take a look.
I discovered other interesting products from them but I will tell you about in another post.

PS: There is a little secret about the sketchbook this drawing was made, but I will also tell you about it later,