Sunday, September 26, 2010

Last view from Catania

I got contacted by the catanian photographer, Fabio Randone. He had seen my work in a previous exhibition in Catania and wanted to photograph me while doing a watercolour. We didn't have much time when I was living there. Later I left to Abu Dhabi. So when I came back for 10 days to Catania, I decided that we should finally do it instead of postponing it to who knows when. I have to confess that it was a extrange experience. The place we choose offers a great view of the hole city. I realized while painting it, that I really felt Catania as my home.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Leaving Catania

Waiting for my conection flight to Abu Dhabi in Geneve's airport.
A few days holydays in Catania to release my apartment in Catania.... It was hard to pack things, give away others....Again my life have to fill a suitcase... My first time from Ecuador were at least 40 Kilos.... Now not more than 20 was allowed.... Gee...
It was hard to leave a place I called home. A place to come back.... a nest. Again I feel myself as a nomad. Free to take desitions about my future.. free to go anywhere....but not quite happy...I really love this city...
I did my last watercolour on those days. I will post tomorrow..... they are calling me... is boarding time...

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Moleskine exchange

As I wrote I'm participating in the Moleskine exchange. A japanice Moleskine travels arround the world and every artist make a drawing on it. In this case we are doing a Moleskine portrait exchange. That means that I have to make a portrait of myself with a portrait of the owner of the Moleskine... This is Heidi's Moly... my entrance is the last one (scroll it please!)
I'm quite proud of myself .I was always wondering the best way to show a Moly in a blog and with the scrolling you get almost the feeling you go through the pages. I add it in the html! (just copy and paste but I feel myself like a Bill Gates programming)

heidi´s moly

If you are interested in the Moleskine exchange check the blog our group:
and the flickr Moleskine exchange group (with links to all the participating groups!)