Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Wrangel Strasse

Maybe you are bored to hear about this street. Well I live there and read the newspaper and take my coffee in Cafe Mukkefukk almost everyday. So I happen to see it everyday, but every day I see something different. Life there, is like a musician playing the same song , but every time he introduce little nuances.
So and last Saturday there was indeed music, a DJ mixed music over an improvise platform in the sidewalk. So come on and watch my street, an also take your time to visit my exhibition in Cafe Mukkefukk. (until the 6th of November)

Wrangel Strasse
Here is picture of the Cafe incase you might get lost.
Wrangel Strasse
And here is a like of my interview in Berlin Art Parasites. There is a video!

Mukkefukk +33RPM Record
And here the interior the day of the vernissage. A record Store share the space.