Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Vote for me! We can win!

As I told you I am participating in this online competition to win a travel to paint in the Middle East. Today November 30, 9PM I have 453 votes. Just 72 votes behind the first place. The competition ends on December 11 ,so please go a vote in the following link:

I will share the drawings with you on my blog!

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Subway Stories

HermannPlatz is a big Subaway Station in Berlin. With a Vinatge look has the atmosphere of a Ballroom. People are good models there. They all keep still until the next train arrives, then suddenly everybody moves.
Beer is omnipresent in the Subaways in Berlin. But on the weekend is just too much. You get that strong alcoholic smell all around. The guys in the picture just have one beer, what I can't object. But when all the people are doing it, the issue isn't about their personal freedom anymore.
People in the U-Bahn
PS: I have already 359 votes . To reach the first place I need more than 190 votes .Follow this link to vote for me

Monday, November 21, 2011

Inside the center of the information

If you happen to travel much you start developing some rituals in order to get a feeling of "normality". Sketching is one, another is to read the newspaper with a coffee. For that I have to find a cafe with a good selection of newspapers.
Cafe und Zeitung
In Berlin I enjoy reading the Berliner Zeitung. A few days ago while reading it, I asked myself how does nowadays a Newspaper Press room looks like. So I went there and asked if I can draw it, and here is what I found out:
The reporters from the weekend supplement work in offices. You would find a lot of papers on their desks, many newspapers and magazines. Notes on the walls but few personal items.
Diccionaries and water, a lot of water.
Albeit working in different rooms they are continuously coming and going into each other offices to coordinate things.
In the politic press room people work together in a big room
They are constantly checking information with each other
Here they are deciding for the picture in the front page.

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Saturday, November 19, 2011

Spoted in the S-Bahn

On the 02.11.2011
Ring S-Bahn between Prenzlauer Allee und Westhafen at 18:45

Friday, November 18, 2011

Press: My drawings in El Telegrafo Newspaper

Articulo en el diario el telegrafo
November 6th, 2011
Newspaper: El Telegrafo from Guayaquil Ecuador
Text: Milena Hadatty Mora, Illustration : Omar Jaramillo

The article is about the Turk emigration in Germany and the 50th anniversary of the agreement between Germany and Turkey that make it possible. The drawings are done in different Turk coffee houses in Kreuzberg, Berlin.

Monday, November 14, 2011

Frauenblasorchester Berlin

Die Frauenblasorchester Berlin spielte am 13. November 2011 in dem Kammermusiksaal der Berliner Philharmonie

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Vota per me (italian translation)

Vota per me
Ho bisogno di aiuto per vincere questo concorso, e viaggare a i paese arabi a dipingere.

Il concorso per residenti in Germania, organizzato per un sito web tedesco molto serio per riserva di alberghi. Ma tutti possono votare. il sito e naturalmente in tedesco ma credo che con questo grafico si capisce come votare.

Importante e che dopo inviare il indirzzo di email, ti arriva un email con un link che devi clicare per confermare il voto. (Questo e per motivi di sicurezza e evitare che qualcuno vote piu di una volta)

In questo momento ho piu di 235 voti, e sono in terzo posto , ma ho bisogno di piu di 300 voti per vincere. Il concorso finisce il 11 di Dicembre e vince la persona con piu voti.

Ti reingrazio si dopo votare condividi questo link con i tui amici su facebook.

Friday, November 11, 2011

Cafe Kotti again

I was painting this watercolor on Kottbuser Tor when a heavy rain made run and seek for shelter.
Cottbuser Tor
Cafe Kotti is very close from this spot, I had just to go up through the stairs. The place is on the second floor. I waited until the watercolor dried and started painting the people around.
Cafe Kotti 02
You got the feeling you are in somebodys living room.
Cafe Kotti 01

Monday, November 7, 2011

JazzFest - Sunday

And the JazzFest had to end. But with great highlights. Maybe it was the day I like it most, but that is because I love funk music. Unforgetable was Nils Landgren playing the trombone with Big Sam`s Funky Nation
Parts of the event were trasmited live through Deutschland Radio Kultur. Here Nils Landgren (Künstlicher Leiter) and Joachim Sartorius (Intendant der Berliner Festspiele) are being interviewed live by Lothar Jänichen and Matthias Wegner
Colin Towns Blue Touch Paper
Colin Towns Blue Touch Paper during Soundcheck
Edward Maclean bass
Edward Maclean bass by Colin Towns Blue Touch Paper
The Swallow Quintet feat. Carla Bley
The Swallow Quintet feat. Carla Bley during Soundcheck
Big Sam's Funky Nation
There are moments when I say to make to myself, there is not way I can make a decent sketch. The guys were moving all around,,, jumping, dancing, playing and singing. The atmosphere was awesome.. I got carry away from the energy and I am so proud of this watercolor

Check this guys, they are fantastic:
In the Picture Big Sam Williams trombone and Andrew Baham trumpet.

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Sunday, November 6, 2011

JazzFest - Saturday

Saturday was great! I have to confess that I prefer people singing Jazz, and on Saturday there were some grat voices.
Gregory Porter Soundcheck
Gregory Porter at the Soundcheck
Josef och Erika Soundchek
Josef och Erika at the Soundcheck
Josef och Erika Soundcheck
Josef och Erika at the Soundcheck
Gregory Porter in Concert
Gregory Porter in Concert. Great voice!
Lizz Wright
Lizz Wright in concert. She was fantastic!

Saturday, November 5, 2011

JazzFest - Friday

Friday November 04
Haus Berliner Festspiele
Photoshooting by Soundcheck. It is easier to draw here. You can get closer to the musicians , but i miss the emotions that music can trasmit in a drawing.
Soundcheck Caecilie Norby Quartet
Soundcheck Caecilie Norby Quartet
Eva Kruse [em] bass
Caecilie Norby Quartet
Caecilie Norby Quartet
Richard Galliano La Strada Quintet

Friday, November 4, 2011

JazzFest - Thursday

Thursday November 3rd 19:00:
Haus Berliner Festspiele
Adam Pieronczyk feat. Gary Thomas
Adam Pieronczyk feat. Gary Thomas
Press and Guests area
Press area
Tomasz Stanko 'Litania' 02
Thomasz Stanko 'Litania'

JazzFest - Wednesday

Wednesday November 2nd 19:00:
Haus Berliner Festspiele
BuJazz & Maria Baptist 01
BuJazzO & Maria Baptist 'City Grooves'
BuJazz & Maria Baptist 02
Andromeda Mega Express Orchestra
Andromeda Mega Express Orchestra

JazzFest Press Conference

Press Conference at the Haus Berliner Festspiele.
Press Conference