Thursday, May 24, 2012

Cafe Einstein

I went to the Cafe Einstein for the first time the other day. I ws inmediately fascinated by the light and atmosphere of the place. So I did a sketch. 
Cafe Einstein

Later at home I decided to use it as a reference for a bigger watercolor. (36 x 48 cm) By the way the painting is for sale.
Cafe Einstein, Berlin
I wrote a few comments on the image to explain how I work. Make a double click in the image to see it bigger and be able to read the text
Cafe Einstein, a reflection

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

BER Berlin Brandenburg Airport

Wie man weiß, das neue Flughafen wird nicht rechtzeitig fertig sein, aber am Wochenende gab es einen Familien Tag dort. Man konnte das Flughafen Gelände besuchen.

As you might know the new Airport won't be readdy on schedule but there was a family day there on the weekend. People could visit the Airport field.
Family Day
Ich wurde fotografiert, als ich das skizziert habe.

I got a picture while doing this sketch.

Sketching in the new Berlin Airport Lufthansa
Es gab viele Aktivitäten und Spiele, um Flugtickets zu gewinnen.

There were many activities and a lot of drafs to win free tickets.

The Tower
Für mich das Interessante war das Blick auf die Gates.

For me the highlight was the view of the gates.

New Berlin Airport New Berlin Airport
Schade das man das Terminal Gebäude nicht besuchen konnte.

I was disappointed that the Terminal Building was not open to the public.

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Pecha Kucha Night Berlin

On the 25th of April I participated at the Pecha Kucha Night Berlin. you can see the 6'40''presentation and hear me speaking (in German)  here

Am 25. April habe ich bei Pecha Kucha Night Berlin teilgenommen.Ich habe über meine Tätigkeit als Urban Sketcher erzählt. Ihr kann mein Dia-Vortrag  sehen und mich zuhören hier

pecha kucha 116
pecha kucha 040 pecha kucha 057