Monday,  October 102013

Durch meine Zeichnungen aus den Jüdische Kulturtagen ist die Zeitung "Jüdische Allgemeine" auf mich aufmerksam geworden. Sie haben mich um eine Interview gebeten.
Sie können den Artikel hier lesen:

Man kann alle Post über die Jüdische Kulturtagen hier.

Tuesday,  July 232013
Media:  Fokus Online

Tuesday,  July 232013

Summer  2012
Media:  Magazine Artists and Illustrators 

In the last issue of Artists and Illustrators Magazine (UK) you could find one of my paintings. (page 46)

My painting in Art&Illustrators Magazine
you can read the article in their digital edition here.

Here you can  have a closer look of the watercolor:
Luebbener Street, Kreuzberg
It is a view from the Wrangler street sitting on the Luebbener Street, where I live in Berlin.

Sunday,  April 82012
Media:  Newspaper Seattle Times 
Seattle, USA

A review in the Seatle times about the book "the Art of Urban Sketching" My image is the top one. the Jahli Fort in Al Ain, UAE.

Thursday,  March 292012
Media:  Newspaper Neu Presse 
Hanover, Germany
Photo: Joos  Redaktion: Lyn

Wednesday,  March 282012
Media:  Newspaper Hannoversche Allgemeine Online Ausgabe 
Hanover, Germany
Text: Kerstin Hergt!Tango!-im-Bild-fest

Sunday,  March 252012
Media:  So, Digital Sunday Newspaper
Hanover, Germany
Photos and Video: Niko Herzog  Text: Kerstin Hergt

Tuesday,  February 242012
Media:  Magazine "Spielzeit 3" 
Hannover, Germany

March  2012
Media:  Magazine "Tanz" 

Tuesday,  January 242012
Media:  H1Fernsehen 
Hanover, Germany
Kamera: Tobias Haupt  Redaktion: Mina Zarkesh

Saturday,  January 212012
Media:  Neue Presse 
Hanover, Germany

Media:  Hannoversche Allgemeine Zeitung
Hanover, Germany

January  2012
Media:  Book "The Art of Urban Sketching" Profile and drawings
Quarry Books ISBN:
Author: Gabriel Campanario

Sunday,  January 222012
Media:  RBB Television
Berlin, Germany
Interview: Milena Hadatty Mora,

Interview by the RBB Television. (Radio Berlin Branderburg) Done by Milena Hadatty

Media:  Gemeinde Blatt "jüdisches berlin" Cover and Illustrations
Berlin, Germany
Juedisches Berlin

Sunday,  November 62011
Media:  El Telegrafo Newspaper
Guayaquil, Ecuador
Text: Milena Hadatty Mora, Illustrations: Omar Jaramillo Traverso

Articulo en el diario el telegrafo

The article is about the Turk emigration in Germany and the 50th anniversary of the agreement between Germany and Turkey that make it possible. The drawings are done in different Turk coffee houses in Kreuzberg, Berlin.

October, 2011
Media: UPPERCASE journal magazine issue #11
Calgary , Alberta, Canada
Text: Martin Connelly, Illustrations: Omar Jaramillo Traverso

In collaboration with Martin Connelly we did an interview to Mr. Riggs, a 95 years old Fly Fisher. We traveled with a small boat to his cabin in the woods. Martin did the interview and I did the illustrations. I am very proud of the result.
The Uppercase Magazine is a great publication you could check the Issue here. I am on page 74

Thursday,  September 82011
Media:  UPPERCASE journal website
Calgary , Alberta, Canada
Featured as contributor for the journal  issue #11.
with Video by Martin Connelly

Sketching Downtown from Martin Connelly on Vimeo.

Saturday,  Mai 14, 2011
Media:  Radio: CBC Radio
St. John's, NL, Canada
Interviewed by Mack Furlong in the Weekends Arts Magazine from CBC Radio. | Weekend Arts Magazine | Omar Jaramillo - Urban Sketchers

Mai 5, 2011
Media: Web: TheIndependent
St. John's, NL, Canada 
I got interviewed by Martin Connelly from TheIndependent.

Meet Omar Jaramillo Traverso |

Wednesday, April 27, 2011
Media: Print: The Telegram Newspaper
St. John's, NL, Canada 

I was sketching Fred's Records (check previous Post) when somebody from The Telegram took  a picture and chat a few minutes with me.
Here is what they wrote:
On "the Telegram", Page A7,  Wednesday, April 27,2011
"Omar Jaramillo Traverso, who travels the world sketching and writing about the places he sees, sketches his take of Duckworth Street during his first visit to St.John's Monday afternoon.
Photo by Karla Kenny/Special to The Telegram

April 01, 2011
Media: Print and web:  Oasis Living Magazine
Al Ain, UAE

Interview in the magazine Oasis Living, four pages with sketches check page 24 on the following link

March 16, 2011
Media: Print: The National Newspaper
Abu Dhabi, UAE
The National Newspaper Abu Dhabi, Page 09
My picture drawing during  the Abu Dhabi Book Fair

January 2011
Media: Web and Video
Dubai, UAEA video about the Pecha Kucha Night Dubai, you can see a few seconds of my presentation.

January 15, 2011
Media: Print and web: Gulf News Newspaper
Dubai, UAE
Gulf News Newspaper, Dubai, UAE

Her is the link to the article

January 15, 2011
Media: Radio: Dubai Eye103.8 Siobhan live
Dubai, UAE
I was interviewed about my participation in the Pecha Kucha Night Dubai

Tuesday,  August 24, 2010
Media: Print and web: The National Newspaper
Abu Dhabi, UAE

 "The National" newspaper from Abu Dhabi, UAE published two full pages of my sketches on the Oasis section.

July 12, 2010
Media: Web and Video: Step1
Catania, Italy
A text and video interview by Salvo Catalano for the webmagazine Step1.
Here is the link to the article

The video was done on December  31, 2009 in Catania

September 13, 2007
Media: Newspaper: HNA
Kassel, Germany