Sunday, December 30, 2012

People in the Metro

The best place to draw is the metro.Although the you are bvery close to the subjects. everybody is busy reading, hearing music or playing with their phones

Playing with phone
Book, magazine and Ipad

Passengers reading a book, a magazine and the IPad

It doesn't matter how uncomfortable it could be.
U-Bahn Berlin
There are certain faces that fascinate me
Travelling with a contrabass
People bring all kind of things with them

Thursday, December 27, 2012

Angel's share

I recently saw that movie. It is about some troubled kids, that stole some bottles of some expensive whiskey. In the film they explain that the angel's share is a term used in the manufacture of whiskey that refers to the amount of  whiskey that evaporates in the barrel as part of its normal elaboration process.
When I got some painting commissions I felt always a little pressure. In order to loose myself and be relaxing when painting, I use the following strategy: I will paint another extra painting, something where I can be free to experiment and play with colors.  For Xmas I got two paintings in commission and this the painting I did along them: "my angels share"

World Clock in Alexander Platz
The watercolor is based on a sketch done on a rainy day in Alexander Platz.  

Monday, December 3, 2012


Interview with Berlin Artparasites.

Artparasites! Isn't it a great name? If you want to know something about Berlin art jungle, you should visit this webmagazin. A few days ago they make an interview about our Berlin Urban Sketchers group. You can read the interview  hier. They use my image below in the article.

From left to right: Bo Soremsky, Katrin Merle, Kerstin (from Berlin Artparasites), Laura Nieto, Catalina Somolinos, Rolf Schroeter, Oona Leganovic. Were also there, but not in the image: Juan Alonso and I,  Omar Jaramillo.