Friday, December 1, 2017

Book Launch: Urban Sketch Book: Urban Sketchers in German speaking countries.

If you happen to be in Berlin next week come to the launch of this interesting book. 

The book portraits Urban Sketchers in German speaking countries. The list become so big that it was necessary to create two books. In band one  you have sketchers from the north area. Me and other sketcher will be signing your books. Come for  meet. talk or sign your copy. I will be happy to see you.

Digital sketchwalk in Apple Kurfürstendamm

A lot of people came to my sketch safari (Zeichensafari in German)  to the Apple Store Kurfürstendamm, Berlin. This was part of a collaboration between Apple and Urban Sketchers to celebrate 10 years of Urban Sketchers. Similar sketch walks  took place the same day in Hong Kong (with Rob Sketcherman) , Singapore  (with Don Low), and San Francisco  (with Uma Kelkar).

Apple provided all participants with an iPad pro and a pencil. After a short presentation about my work and some information about the app procreate we went to the Bikini mall to draw the area.
It was a sunny day but cold, but people seemed not to care much. We did a short exercise there and we finished the drawings back in the store. Thanks to Apple for this opportunity and all the people that came.

Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Drawing Human Figure with Ink

Lately I am looking in ways to abstract reality, to be able to tell a story in a different way. I love portraits and the human body, but I don't want to depend on how attractive is the person in order for my drawing to be appreciate by people.

In these portraits I used a twig and ink to draw the figure. The challenge was to draw with less lines and still get a recognisable image. It is difficult to find the balance. I added some washes of diluted ink and some marks with red pencil.

Here are some of the results. You can see the other drawings in this flickr album