Wednesday, July 13, 2011

The Urban Sketchers book is already in Amazon!

Finally is getting closer the day when our book come out in the Market! We are already in Amazon!!! There are sketches from al arround the wolrd and I got featured there with my sketches from Al Ain and the UAE!!! You can preorder and get a fabolous discount in Amazon under the following link:
if you want to know more about Urban Sketchers and join our group check our group blog:

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Good bye Newfoundland!

In a few hours I will catch my flight to London (there is a direct flight just 6 hours!) and then Frankfurt. So I had to said good by to Newfoundland. These two watercolors I did in Bay Roberts, one of the many beautiful small towns in Newfoundland (pronounced as in understand). The artist Peter Jackson, has a small studio there, and I spent really nice moments helping him to renovate his house (the blue house) and painting outdoors, specially now that the weather is so good! The best thing about his studio is that you don't have to move far in order to finds things to paint. Both houses I painted seating in his studio. His house on the right and the neighbours house in front.
88 Bay Roberts
Peter's house is bright blue. The roster is very important to check the weather. If the wind comes from the see it means bad weather.
89 Bay Roberts
For this one I got inspired by one painting from Fred Lynch. He wrote how interesting is the space in between houses.

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Last Night in St. John's

Tonight is my last night in St. John's. Tomorrow at this time I would be in a plane to London. It is late and I am tired but I can't finish packing... I am a great procastinator.
The project St. John's is over. 87 days drawing and painting this city. I did today my last sketch of St. John's. To make the thing more solemn I asked my friend Martin to catch it on video. But today was not a day to be out from home, there was a wind storm out there! The winds were strong and things were fliyig around..and I kept sketching! Was it courage or just stupidity?
The video has still to be edited. I will share it with you when it is ready.
And here some music...
82 Patsy
I did this sketch a week ago. It is from a rehersal at the musical Patsy Cline at the Masonic Temple...why I have to think about conutry music when I am leaving?

Biking across Canada

66 Ken
Ken and Drew (not in the picture) are from Vancouver. They flew to Montreal and from there they drove their bikes to St. John's. I met him at the secret concert in Quidi Vidi. It is funny but Newfoundland attracts very interesting people.

Thursday, July 7, 2011

My friend Joy in Rocket's

There is that nice window in Rocket. the people like to seat there. I love how the light hit their faces and the shadows are warm, and the hair glow. My friend Joy has red hair and it becames streamly beautiful under that light. I asked yesterday if I can paint her. It is something funny to paint in a window a lot of people stopped to watch me painting.

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

The exhibition was great!

The exhibition last Thursday was a success. I never imagine that some many people would come. It looked like one of this facebook partys out of control. The place was really small. After two hours (from 7 to 9PM) I was exhausted! The best satisfaccion I had were the positive comments I got from the people. Many said I offered them a different view from St. John's or that I show in my paintings places in St. John's that they could not imaging that foreigner could know from the city.
There are still some watercolors if you are interested to buy.
27 Port
25 Houses
73 Goverment House with horses

Fishing Boat
74 Clift Bairds Cove
19 Rocket
Open 7AM
187 Gower St
the battery road, St. John
Thank you again St. John's for the appreciation of my work.

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Tuesdays at Rocket

83 Rocket
Yesterday as at every Tuesday a group of people met to play traditional Newfoundland nusic. I am getting addicted to draw this!