Sunday, July 10, 2011

Last Night in St. John's

Tonight is my last night in St. John's. Tomorrow at this time I would be in a plane to London. It is late and I am tired but I can't finish packing... I am a great procastinator.
The project St. John's is over. 87 days drawing and painting this city. I did today my last sketch of St. John's. To make the thing more solemn I asked my friend Martin to catch it on video. But today was not a day to be out from home, there was a wind storm out there! The winds were strong and things were fliyig around..and I kept sketching! Was it courage or just stupidity?
The video has still to be edited. I will share it with you when it is ready.
And here some music...
82 Patsy
I did this sketch a week ago. It is from a rehersal at the musical Patsy Cline at the Masonic Temple...why I have to think about conutry music when I am leaving?

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