Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Kick off Party Berlin Art Week

Berlin Artparasites organized a kick-off party for the Berlin Art week. The event took place in Stattbad Weeding. The location was fantastic. The bath-units were use as exhibition spaces for the artists. I was invited to sketch the event.

Beatriz Crespo and Lorena Garou
From left to right Lorena Garoiu and Beatriz Crespo talking about Beatriz painting.
Lorena Garoiu makes wonderful portraits. I was very impressed by her work. I try to paint her. Check her website!
Room with ghost
I draw the corridor first and then the people coming and going.
Berlin Artparasites Berlin Artparasites Simon sketching
Simon was also sketching.
Party and DJ
The Party started at 10 Pm
Here a detail of the drawing

Monday, September 3, 2012

Curry Wurst 36

If you go to New York, probably you will try a hot dog, and in Italy you might try a pizza. If you are in Berlin the thing you have to taste is a "Curry Wurst" (It is a sausage with tomato-curry sauce) and the place to go is in the Mehringdamm street 36, the place has the very practical name Curry Wurst 36. No way to get lost, I would said.

Berlin Curry Wurst