Sunday, October 25, 2015

The madona of the cell phone.

It was so much fun to go around sketching with Stephanie Ledoux.. we stopped at this street to draw the door but at the same time fascinated by the people seating on the side.
Although we couldn't communicate when people noticed us drawing they started to interact with us in non verbal ways.

This guy was definitely posing as he realized that we started drawing him. He stayed in that position for have an hour..

The little Nabil came to us to watch what we were doing, His mother join him later he hold him with one arm and in the other texted with the phone. I like to portrait this kind of contrast in Africa, Technology is there but people keep their traditions. To hide technology would be to romanticize reality, like these colonial tourist postcards, something that I don't want


Saturday, October 24, 2015

Jaw's corner

People mentioned many times "Joe's corner" as an important square on my way. and I was asking myself who could be this famous Joe. It turned out that they mean "Jaw's corner" because of a picture in the wall of a shark like in the Spielberg's film.

A funny note is the phone hanging on the palm... if it really work?
I started drawing maps to understand the space, I keep finding beautiful carved doors. Stone Town is famous for them. This one bellow is in Indian style, you can recognize because of his bronze peaks. In India they are used to stop elephants, in Zanzibar there are no elephants, so they only have a decorative purpose and therefore they are not so sharp.

I am kind of lazy, so I don't think I need to draw all the carving, specially if it is a pattern that repeat constantly.

Friday, October 23, 2015

Getting in lost in Stone Town

I tried to find my way back to the market following the route my guide showed me the day before. At the same time I was checking in a map to follow the names of the streets. Not map helps you there. Very soon I realized that the narrow allies in Stone Town were like rivers, with buildings between it course and the the end all them end in the big see that is the market. In the many ways I follow I always found something interesting so getting lost was all the time a pleasant experience.

I cut a window in the title page to show a glimpse of the next one. Stephanie was teaching me calligraphy,

There were many beautiful carved doors on the way..

A trick to draw people is to start drawing an square and start adding people as they jump inside the painting..

Soon kids came and started asking for portraits

like these two:


Saturday, October 17, 2015

Again on Tv

Last Thursday there was again a reportage about Urban Sketchers Berlin in the Program "Stillbruch" by local Television RBB. I was interviewed while sketching refugees in Bantabaa, a local organization in my neighborhood that offers German courses for refugees, that are not accepted by the system. I like it very much. The conversation with me was in English, so that the refugees in the room could also understand it. Later we moved to a Market in Moabit.

Click here to watch the video on the RBB Mediatheque.

So what do you think?