Saturday, October 24, 2015

Jaw's corner

People mentioned many times "Joe's corner" as an important square on my way. and I was asking myself who could be this famous Joe. It turned out that they mean "Jaw's corner" because of a picture in the wall of a shark like in the Spielberg's film.

A funny note is the phone hanging on the palm... if it really work?
I started drawing maps to understand the space, I keep finding beautiful carved doors. Stone Town is famous for them. This one bellow is in Indian style, you can recognize because of his bronze peaks. In India they are used to stop elephants, in Zanzibar there are no elephants, so they only have a decorative purpose and therefore they are not so sharp.

I am kind of lazy, so I don't think I need to draw all the carving, specially if it is a pattern that repeat constantly.