Monday, November 21, 2011

Inside the center of the information

If you happen to travel much you start developing some rituals in order to get a feeling of "normality". Sketching is one, another is to read the newspaper with a coffee. For that I have to find a cafe with a good selection of newspapers.
Cafe und Zeitung
In Berlin I enjoy reading the Berliner Zeitung. A few days ago while reading it, I asked myself how does nowadays a Newspaper Press room looks like. So I went there and asked if I can draw it, and here is what I found out:
The reporters from the weekend supplement work in offices. You would find a lot of papers on their desks, many newspapers and magazines. Notes on the walls but few personal items.
Diccionaries and water, a lot of water.
Albeit working in different rooms they are continuously coming and going into each other offices to coordinate things.
In the politic press room people work together in a big room
They are constantly checking information with each other
Here they are deciding for the picture in the front page.

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