Monday, November 7, 2011

JazzFest - Sunday

And the JazzFest had to end. But with great highlights. Maybe it was the day I like it most, but that is because I love funk music. Unforgetable was Nils Landgren playing the trombone with Big Sam`s Funky Nation
Parts of the event were trasmited live through Deutschland Radio Kultur. Here Nils Landgren (Künstlicher Leiter) and Joachim Sartorius (Intendant der Berliner Festspiele) are being interviewed live by Lothar Jänichen and Matthias Wegner
Colin Towns Blue Touch Paper
Colin Towns Blue Touch Paper during Soundcheck
Edward Maclean bass
Edward Maclean bass by Colin Towns Blue Touch Paper
The Swallow Quintet feat. Carla Bley
The Swallow Quintet feat. Carla Bley during Soundcheck
Big Sam's Funky Nation
There are moments when I say to make to myself, there is not way I can make a decent sketch. The guys were moving all around,,, jumping, dancing, playing and singing. The atmosphere was awesome.. I got carry away from the energy and I am so proud of this watercolor

Check this guys, they are fantastic:
In the Picture Big Sam Williams trombone and Andrew Baham trumpet.

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  1. Los dibujos de línea están genial Omar, pero la acuarela de abajo es un espectáculo!! vaya colección de músicos! tienes que editarlo!