Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Leaving Catania

Waiting for my conection flight to Abu Dhabi in Geneve's airport.
A few days holydays in Catania to release my apartment in Catania.... It was hard to pack things, give away others....Again my life have to fill a suitcase... My first time from Ecuador were at least 40 Kilos.... Now not more than 20 was allowed.... Gee...
It was hard to leave a place I called home. A place to come back.... a nest. Again I feel myself as a nomad. Free to take desitions about my future.. free to go anywhere....but not quite happy...I really love this city...
I did my last watercolour on those days. I will post tomorrow..... they are calling me... is boarding time...


  1. I know how you feel Omar. I paid for an extra bag, so my life packs into 40ks, but it's tough at times. After UAE, where next????

  2. I m in UAE till december later I do not know . How is Qatar?