Friday, September 23, 2011

Almanci! Kahvehane Reloaded

50 years have past since the first Turk guest workers came to Germany to help with the German "Wirtschaftwünder". Now they are an integral part of this Society. However there are conflicts and contradictions between this two cultures becoming one.
This Parcour takes you in a tour through different Cafe houses and in every one you can see a short performance that tells you something.
I enjoyed walking through Kreuzberg with a plan in my hand that explains you how to find the next cafe. By the time you enter the next Cafe you have experienced all the smells and sounds of the hood. Life went on as usual there. Men played cards and games. This a place that you always wanted to enter but you never dare. You felt estrange surrounded by a language you don't understand.







  1. Delightful sketches that look oh so familiar to me! They really could be from the tea house down the street here.