Sunday, September 18, 2011

Amsterdam Klezmer Band

The closing event of the "Jüdische Kulturtage" (Jewish culture days) in Berlin put every body to dance. I am very happy of this set of drawings, you can see clearly how the music influences my work.
In the first one we are just getting warm. The musicians still with their jackets and I using predominantly lines rather than color.
Amsterdam Klezmer Band 01
In the second drawing you can see how everything is getting loose.. the music is getting into the soul.
Amsterdam Klezmer Band 02
In the third one we went crazy.. just color .. only a brush can paint so fast...
Amsterdam Klezmer Band 03
We got up and start dancing! Feel the music and check their music in their website

If you want to see all my drawings regarding the "Jüdische Kulturtage" check the following link.