Thursday, September 15, 2011

Bio Ice Kreuzberg

Poeple made line to buy the bio ice at the Markhalle. A nice szene on a Sunday afternoon in Kreuzberg
Bio Eis


  1. another lovely do you start with a piece like that? I keep trying more complex scenes like this and failing miserably.

  2. afew tips thhat might help;
    Paper: 300 grams less won't work. Use also a bigger format.
    Brush: squirrel brush by Da Vinci or other good quality.
    If you use bad paper or brushes no matter who good you are the drawing will come bad.
    I start the painting choosing a "king" or focus point in this case was the pink umbrella. More detail in that area less in the borders. In this painting I started painting the sky I drop clean water and add blue color and mixed on the paper (you can do that with 300 gram paper)