Monday, September 5, 2011

Market in Kreuz Kölln

There is an area in Berlin called Kreuzberg that had became very hip in the last years. There are many galleries and bars and bio-stores. Whenever you find a bio-store you should be sure that apartments are not cheap anymore.
Well close to Kreuzberg is Neu Kölln. It was cheaper of course and people start looking for cheap apartments there and be close to the cafes in Kreuzberg and somebody (probably a realstater) coined the name Kreuz Kölln ....and the bio-stores did already arrived ..
Well in that area there is this nice market on the Maibachufer a small river..
There is a lot of young people living around that area. They use to sit in a wood terrace facing the river, eat,drink and talk. Very often street musicians play live music. There was where I met the band Resha. The musicians are form Uruguay and Argentina. The beautiful and unusual sounds come from this new instrument called hang (invented in Switzerland)you can check their music in the website

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