Saturday, April 9, 2011

Sketching in Hannover

Well, Here is me in a bar in Hannover, writing some text about a drawing. I try to write more in my sketch books, cause at the end they are journals, but I'm so lazy and I don't do very often.
As you see I still have my beard. Keeping it have become a difficult task since I have to find a barber in every new place. Of course I could do it myself , but i have to buy a maschine to trim the hair and I have already an overweight luggage. On the other hand I love barbershops, they are great places to sketch; and the seek and find game becomes very interesting. In the UAE a barber was very cheap and a great relaxing Germany it cost more money and I wanted to find a middle east barber, so I start asking people where can I find a turk barber and finally I landed in the red light district of Hannover. The area is interesting for sketching, quite deserted during the day, except for the barber shop that was full with rough guys. I got my doubts about going in but the owner saw me watching through the window and came out and said there is a place free.
The cut was ok, but not even close to the ones in the UAE. It was done as in a please.. without much interaction with the barber.. when he finished he told me to wash my face....I did it....but he couldn't close the water from the lavatory... he keep trying till it broke the piece and suddenly we had a fountain in the barbershop... with everybody trying to close it without success....I paid quickly and left.


  1. You do have such adventures. Good luck with finding a barber in Canada.

  2. I'm always amazed at how barbers give a quick massage to their customers here in the Philippines. Do they do that as well in where you've been?

  3. thanks , @Sue, Hi @mice_aliling :I heard that in the UAE they used to do it, but was recently prohibited (because of somebody who got injured)if the person doesn't have massage instruction. What they still do is is a light massage in the top of the head and sides. they also do some kind of face treatment.It is a real joy.
    In Italy no, and in Germany I guess no. The reason I was looking for a turk Barber in Germany, was that I read somewhere that the Turk barbers were really good.