Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Trains, planes and airports

On my way to Canada I traveled in one week from Hannover to Kassel (where I stop for 3 days), from Kassel to Frankfurt, from Frankfurt to Ottawa and from Ottawa to Saint John's. I miss Germany. The train travel was something I really enjoyed. The German trains are really confortable. I got the opportunity to sketch. The first one is from the restaurant car. I had a tea and sketched between Hannover and Kassel. The second one is from Kassel to the Frankfurt airport. I sat in the cabin with 3 guys that were travelling from Hannover to Munich. In the Frankfurt Airport after checking in for my flight to North America I sat in front of the Star Alliance gate. There were some people from Lufthansa doing the boarding for the flight to Edinburgh as I sat there sketching. Then came my flight to Ottawa. It was a long flight and I managed to sketch something. My last sketch in Ottawa airport was while waiting for my connection flight to St. John's, a little kid was watching the planes landing. I was dead tired, but it was such lovely picture that I had to sketch it.
Star Alliance
Air Canada


  1. I also commented on the urban sketchers site: "Your sketches are great on this international travel journey. Personally I love train travel too. You did a good job capturing the sites along the way. Enjoy your stay in Canada."

  2. thanks @Noviceartist! I will start posting my sketches in Newfoundland soon!

  3. Loved these pics when I saw them on USk this morning, especially the train one!

    Glad you arrived safely, albeit tired. I look forward to you exploring and recording your new location.

    I'm off to Sharjah Biennial tomorrow, inspired and reminded to go by your recent post "Sharjah".

  4. I just smile sometimes, because what you refer to as 'sketches' would (for me, at my novice level) be 100% complete 'works'. ! I remember the trains in Italy, how much I utilized them and loved them. I can't believe you're seeing Newfoundland! I've always wanted to go there. definitely anticipating the sketches from that location.

  5. My good friend Wasel asked me about the the sketch with the kid, I had forgot to included in the post! but now is there.
    @Sue: enjoy Sharjah. watch the Sharjah art museum the collection of watercolors is beautiful.
    @Desert Mermaid: I agree with you, however I tend to see the sketches as part of a whole. The Carnet de Voyage or the travel they descrive. If you happend to see the whole sketchbook you will understand what I mean. I love to see te joy in the faces of the people when they look thriough my sketchbooks.