Monday, April 25, 2011

Khalifa Street, Al Ain

I am still late with my post. I got a lot of drawings from Al Ain and the UAE that I guess would remain in my sketchbooks foreever since I am sketching a lot here in Newfoundland. However I wanted to share this little sketch of the main street of Al Ain: Khalifa Street. It is very lively with restaurants and shops and places to seat under the shadow. I did the sketch just with pen, and I didn't like it at first. Some time later I added color and now is one of my favorites.
Khalifa St


  1. This is beautiful.

    Love the previous post on Newfoundland. It looks and sounds like you are very inspired by your new home. I look forward to lots of Newfie paintings, and your remaining UAE ones too.

  2. This looks VERY much like Phoenix.