Saturday, April 23, 2011

Newfoundland, Canada

So I am already two weeks in Newfoundland in an adventure that will take me 3 months and I can only say WOW!!!
The Island of Newfoundland is in the atlantic coast of Canada. It has the most amazing nature: Stone, ice and water in a wild combination. The coast is magnificent, full of places to paint. The architecture also is beautiful, wood houses in pastel colors that shine with the sun (ok, the weather could be bad arround here, but in good weather everything glows!)
And the people are so nice and gentle. There is also a very lively art community, surprising by the small population, but you have to see the place to understand that if you don't get inspired by these what else can. So I guess I will be busy sketching this months.
Here is the Quidi Vidi Cove, there is even a local bier made here in this place.
Quidi Vidi NF

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  1. Wow. I began to want to visit Newfoundland after I read a book called The Shipping News -- I recognize this harbor from the film of the same name. So glad you're loving it!