Saturday, April 13, 2013

Fort Kochi and the chinese fishing nets

Our next stop was Fort Kochi in Kerala. We arrived with the ferry from Ernakulam.  That and the fact you sense a more peaceful atmosphere, give you the sensation you are in an island.
When we walked through the waterfront the first you see are the chinese fishing nets. These very elegant fishing structure were introduced in Kerala by the Portuguese, probably from Macao. They are 10 m high. Huge stones hanging on ropes balance the weight. At least 6 people are needed to operate them.

Chinese Fish Nets
These photogenic structures not only attracts birds.A lot of tourist with cameras love to see the men fishing. I did many drawings of the them.Chinese Fishing nets
Huge trees grow in the waterfront. Vertically and horizonatlly. They offer shelter for many birds and visitors. The temperature there is refreshing.
Fort Kochi, Kerala
Close to the sunset the fisher boats came  bringing their catch. It is weight, sold and discussed by the locals.
Fort Kochi
In such a frenzy atmosphere. I draw first some elements in the background and then I pick different characters and include them in my drawing. As the people constantly move, some overlapping of lines takes place. I refer to this portraits as drawings ghosts. Moments,  instants of a person in a place.
Fort Kochi

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