Monday, April 15, 2013

Going to Cherai Beach

We heard about this beach not far from Fort Kochi. However it turn out to be a longer voyage that we expected. 
Ferry to Cherai Beach
First we took the ferry to Vyppin. Later a bus, it took more than an hour.On the Ferry to Cherai Beach
Some people in the ferry with their sun in the back.Cherai Beach, Kerala
It was a Sunday and the beach was full of people. The people got in the water with their clothes on. women and Kites on the beach
There were many young guys playing in the beach.Youth from Kerala

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  1. Very beautiful pictures. Thanks for sharing the post. The lovely beach bordering the Vypin Island is ideal for swimming. The sea on the Western side and the backwaters on the East give this upcoming tourist destination a uniqueness which can be found only in Kerala. Thick coconut groves and Chinese fishing nets on the waterfront are added attractions. Check out more about Cherai Beach.