Saturday, April 27, 2013

Riding trains in Mumbai

We arrived to Mumbai with the plane.  After short trip with the Rickshaw we took the famous  Mumbai trains. It was quite an adventure. Some wagons were extremely crowded. The wagons doors stayed open all the time. Regardless of the danger some people preferred to travel close to them and enjoyed the view.
Mumbai trains
Mumbai trains

We arrived to Victoria station, where  I sat for a while inside to do some sketches.The building itself is an architectural jewel, but is was so crowded outside that it was impossible to find a spot to sit and draw.

Sketching should not be stressful. I repeat to myself when I travel, that I draw for myself, for sharing with others and that I am not making a tourist guide.

Therefore I draw only when I can enjoy it..

Victoria Station Mumbai

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  1. I stayed in this city for 10 years where i commuted in these wagons 6 times a day (change 3 trains, to and fro on work). The crowds may not challenge me as much as looking at a very familiar subject with a new eye so that i can draw, see beauty in them. I hope i draw one day. Will remember this blogpost then. Thanks! :)