Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Victoria Day

Yesterday was holiday in Canada. It was Victoria day. It is the day when Canadians celebrate the birthday of the Queen. Although the Queen now is Elisabeth II and yesterday was not her birthday. It is a moving holiday, that means that not matter what, Canadians get always a long weekend. In Newfoundland* people usually go 3 days camping not matter how bad the weather could be.
It was a cold Monday but sunny and I went out to paint. At the end I didn't paint any architecture, it was too cold to stay a long time sitting outdoors but I got fascinated by the light falling over people faces. I walked up and down Water street exploring the city looking for things to paint and from time to time taking refuge in Cafes where I could upload myself with warm drinks.
10 Acordeon
In front of Hava Cafe, Water Street
11 Bike
In front of Coffee & Company, Water Street
13 Sunlight
I was waiting for my bus to go home and I sat in the steps of a veranda in Gower street. I started talking to George who was enjoying the sun on his face, I could no help it, I have to paint him. I am very proud of this last one cause I just had 10 minutes to catch it before the bus arrived.

*I wrote Newfoundland, because Canada is a big country and I don't know much what other Canadians do. On the other hand Newfoundland was not part of Canada until 1949, something that people mention to me quite often as trying to underlined that they are different.

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  1. Great drawings Omar and the one of George is fantastic!

    Keep warm.