Monday, May 2, 2011

The Battery, St. John's

St John's Battery
the battery road detail
A cold april day in St. John's. I went to the Battery to do some sketches. I am still exploring the territory, finding nice spots to paint. I always prefer to do my big watercolors on site. But the weather changes very fast here. If in Sicily and Abu Dhabi I had to fight with the heat, here I have to deal with the cold and the wind. I did this pencil sketch of the Battery, a colorful neighbourhood in St. John's, in the back you can see the city. I am using this pencil sketch as a reference for a bigger watercolor.


  1. which do you prefer to 'fight with', Omar? heat or cold/wind? Neither one seems to have any effect on the grace of your drawings.

  2. Hi, thanks @Desert Mermaid, But it does affect my paintings, at least the approach to them. Here I choose to do a pencil drawing, for example. I guess I prefer the heat, cause the watercolors can dry faster. A place in the shadows is easy to find, and for a nice watercolor I need the game of light and shadows.

  3. Great drawing. You have captured a lot of detail. I look forward to the painting.