Thursday, May 19, 2011

The Battery Road

I did this watercolor based on a photo. The weather was too bad to go outside. In rainy days I stay home and experiment with colors. For me these three months in Newfoundland is a great time where I can dedicate myself 100% to paint. Before most of the time painting was something I did in my free time. When I was in UAE I didn't have much free time from my work but I use every free minute to do sketches. I guess I felt a little restricted painting just in my small sketchbook so right now I guess I am exploding in colors.
the battery road, St. John
I posted some outdoors sketches from the Battery here


  1. Lovely painting Omar.I like the direction you are taking with colour.

    You would be painting inside here as well, but for the opposite problem - 46c and above with sandstorms!

  2. Thanks Sue! I am really appreciating the time I spend with my family and painting!