Monday, May 23, 2011

Painting outdoors

Is there are reason why all the houses in St. John's are so colorful? Probably the bad weather induced the people to choose colors that make them happy. The spring weather in St. John's is quite disappointing, with many gray days. However when the sun shines the city show its beauty in a glow of color. with such an intensity that it is a delight to paint it. The Gower street is the most important heritage street in St. John's. An emsamble of old wood houses.
For this watercolor I started to paint the shadows in order to catch the moment in case I have to move or the weather conditions changes, but that have the consequence that from the beginning I obtain a strong contrast in the painting.
09 Cochrane Street


  1. I have such a sense of the geography of the place, the tilts and angles of the streets! The houses on the island of Burano, near Venice, is the same -- every house is a different color. I think it's GREAT! and it must be because it makes people happy, right?!!

  2. i do love the contrast that resulted from your pacing. --

  3. thanks desert Mermaid, Thanks Karl!