Monday, May 16, 2011

Inside Fred's Records

After doing the outside of this record store (here post in my blog), I wrote that I also wanted to do a sketch of the inside. This is a fascinating place full of music and in certain way represents the spirit of Saint John's, with a very dinamic music scene. Where else in the world would you find such a big music store? In other places where I have been, music stores are already extint. This is a great place where you can spend a lot of time discovering new sounds.
I love the interior! Most of the furniture is in wood with a patina that reminds the old records days and all the signs are handwritten. I got carried away by the atmosphere and keep drawing all the small details that makes this place magic...(click on the image to see it bigger)
They also have their own top 20 chart. The number one this week is Andrew James O'Brien who to my surprise was also the guy that I sketched working behind the counter.
Fred's records
Here is link if you want to hear O'Brien's music.

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