Wednesday, September 23, 2015

The Flight

Berlin - Istanbul -Dar es Salaam

Although I travel a lot, I always feel fear by flying. It is not the fear of an accident, but to loose my plane. Always I try to arrive to the airport with many hours of anticipation. I can only breath again when I am on the system, usually after check-in, with me seating in front of the the boarding gate. Still things can get wrong, like on my way back when I was waiting at the wrong gate...

I tried to start writing in German this time, but soon stopped.  I feel stupid when I write mistakes. My English is not much better, but I think there are more bad English speakers in the world that bad German speakers, so I feel in a good company.

This was my first time with Turkish Airways, and I was pleasant surprised. If I would hade time I should had stopped a few days in Istanbul. It has always been my dream to sketch in Istanbul. Next time should be..
By the way most of the drawings are made with Pitt Pen from Faber Castell color sepia, size S. These markers are water resistant so I can add watercolor after. I feel is better to spare the color in only few areas,  like my hand and the guy. This is called color bridges.

A nice detail was the Turkish sweets you get when arriving at the plane!

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