Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Meeting Stephanie Ledoux in Zanzibar

On the Second day Stephanie arrived. Stephanie Ledoux is a fantastic artist. Stephanie is also a great photographer and travels a lot. Specially to far and exotic places.
Check her blog:

Before she traveled she prepared an  old photo album with collages and color backgrounds to draw over later. She keeps collecting things in the streets to add to her sketchbooks. She does not draw chronological in her book, but rather choose a page appropriated to the motive.


We connected immediately, and soon we were wondering through the city and drawing together. I showed her the areas I already know. We didn't had a plan, so we moved at our own pace. It was wonderful how good we traveled together..being able to understand the other's need to stop and draw and most of the time encourage with the example the other to also do a drawing.

We encountered for example this fantastic scene: Two guys playing Bao. When I finished I started drawing her. Check Stephanie's post in her blog Stephanie-ledoux.blogspot  about this experience here.
There are also two other posts in her blog about our time in Zanzibar together here and here.

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