Wednesday, September 23, 2015

From Dar es Salaam to Zanzibar

Dar es Salaam means the residence of peace. I arrived at night at my hotel, but very early in the morning I started hearing the sounds of the city. I drew the view from my hotel window.

The hotel was not far from the port. From my window I could sketch the city. There is certain beauty in the chaos. The text on the left side is part of a page I had to cut, since the guy insisted on having "his" portrait.

Although I grew up country with a colonial past: Ecuador, I forgot that I should have expected a variety of cultures, races, and colors. The many buildings in construction in  Dar es Salaam show that there is money in this city, but also lot of poor people in the streets.

The VIP area in the ferry was comfortable. Juices and water where complimentary. There was a great view of the other passengers.

Zanzibar used to be part of the Oman trade routes, and for a short period even its capital, which explains why the majority of its population is Muslim. The Stewardess in the boat wore colorful headscarves. To draw people in a Muslim in country is a sensible issue, especially women. Even asking permission could be consider rude, I usually start drawing something around and let them to ask me to draw a portrait.


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