Wednesday, March 13, 2013

I am back from India

Sorry for not writing lately, but I was in India for one month, doing the thing I like most drawing!

India is the best place for drawing. People are so friendly. They treat you like a celebrity. They want to makes pictures with you. I felt very flattered. On the other hand wherever you look there is something to draw. and the colors.. the colors are fantastic.

We left Frankfurt to Delhi. From there we change planes to Bangalore.

Flying to India
The first 3 weeks were on a very low budget. We got a Hotel, close to the Bus Station in Bangalore. We ate always in local restaurants.

The first meal in Bangalore
The food was got and different from what I knew in Indian restaurants in Europe.
There were always a lot of glasses of water on the table, that we never touched.  People come, eat and go sharing the table,. You eat only with the right hand.
Taking a Rickshaw
Driving a rickshaw is quite and adventure.The traffic in Bangalore is something I had never experience before. The fact that the drive on the left doesn't help, since car comes From you don't expected. This was a long ride. This was also the only one in Bangalore where the Rickshaw used the meter. To draw straight lines I applied a system of marking dots on the paper and later on the frequent stops I connected them. Check the drivers face and mine on the mirrors.
.Meeting new friends
I contacted a Urban Sketcher, Prabha, in Facebook and we met at Kochy's, a very popular Cafe in Bangalore. She brought some friends with. Thank you Prabha again for all the help!


  1. I live in India , I too do watercolour painting and learning plein air and sketching its amazing and seeing my own country in a different persepective is really an eye opener . Looking forward to see more of your works:-)

  2. Thank you Omar for this visual watercolor feast. It was a memorable time. Hope you visit again sometime :)

  3. Oh! You were in India! The sketches are fantastic. Especially love the auto one. I go in an auto all the time and can really appreciate what you have managed. I used to blog regularly and have been very irregular the last year. Really sad that I didn't know you were here. Would have loved to meet up with a fellow urban sketcher! I did a sketch at Koshy's too once. :)

  4. nice ones..i find such water color works so tough to create :P

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