Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Ok, where I was with my virtual life?

My virtual life (the blog) experiences right now a time gap of 1 month to my real life. So lets go back to Kassel and share with you what I experienced when I came back from Canada.
Cafe West End: I just love the place with the perfect light coming from the windows...
Kassel 001
Melchior Cofee in the NeuFahrt Street with is Wi Fi (since I have to blog a Wi Fi is a good argument when I choose a coffee shop)
kassel 001
Enjoying a exhibition in the Fridericianum Museum (on Wednesday is free) hearing music from this installation and sketching at the same time.
kassel 002
and of course the Orangerie: here on a fast sketch.
Kassel 003
And in a bigger watercolor

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