Sunday, August 14, 2011

Back in time: Hannover Now

Ok lets spring back and tell you what is happening now. I know I wrote I was going to tell you the whole story from the beginning, from my flight back to Europe, Lisbon and the whole Spanish travel but I had the urge to write about the present. And the present is Hannover, before tomorrow when also it would be part of the past.
I came to Hannover and met Ira Prussat another sketcher form this city. She invited me for a coffee and she brought me to this fantastic place called "Teestübschen", in Ballhofplatz. After a long chat and a nice coffee we started sketching the square.
I felt immediately attracted by the tea room, people seating there were having such a good time that I had to draw it. I did a quick sketch but I knew that I have to come back the next day to make a bigger watercolor.

Here is my first sketch on my Moleskine
Hannover 004
Here is the my Darjeeling Tee with "Apfelkuchen" Painting food is something I just got from hanging around with Liz Steel in the urban sketchers Lisbon Symposium.
Hannover 004
And here is the bigger watercolor (32x17cm)
Hannover 008
in the Marquise you can read "Teestübchen seit 1970 in Familienbesitzt" it means " Small tea room, family owned since 1070" here is their website.

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