Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Hannover, Sunday August 14

I got a date at the Statue in front of the Train Station. When I was walking in that direction I heard music, nice music. A band called Glamazing was playing there. I got still 30 min. to do a fast sketch.
Hannover 001
My meeting was "Unter den Schwanz" literary translated means "under the tail". To refer that the meeting place is in the back of the horse statue, facing the entrance of the station. There is double meaning in German with the word "Schwanz" since it is also use to refer to the male sexual organ.
While there I saw this girl waiting with her bicycle. She hardly moved, what always makes a perfect model. I was wondering who was she waiting for... a relative, a friend? but my date arrived before I could reveal the mystery.
Hannover 0021