Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Product placement

Here is Dave, the employee of the month in Rocket. I saw a cartoon with a mug with the employee of the month. I asked Dave if I could do a new one.
He was cleaning the coffee maschine with a brush when I draw it. So wow! now my art is expose in a public place!!! You can see it in the coffee corner in the Rocket Cafe.
Employee of the Month in Rocket

Ps: How many people that read my blog are from St. John's?


  1. Hi Omar,
    I'm from St. John's. I saw an image of you sketching in the Telegram and have been following your blog since. I became an instant fan of your work. Each image is studied, yet spontaneous! Also, your use of colour is excellent.

    I hope the weather becomes a bit more pleasant in your last few weeks in St. John's.
    Though I have to say, the rain creates a fresh and fluid connection with your paintings. The weather is very much a main character here in Newfoundland. If anyone has told you that the weather isn't normally like this, well, they were lying. One thing that is true though, is that when we happen to catch a nice day, we appreciate it to the fullest.

    If you haven't already, check out South Side Road/ Fort Amherst, which offers a completely different view of downtown St. John's and the Harbour, and the Quidi Vidi Gut, which is another beautiful area that would allow for a great day of painting.

    I look forward to the upcoming works in your series.
    You're making a great contribution to the city and St. John's is very glad to have you!
    Enjoy the rest of your stay.

  2. Thank you Jenny, this is the most beautiful comment I could have! It is nice to know you like my work and that I have a public here in St. John's. it gives sense to what I am doing! I had to confess that I started to appreciate the bad weather. I am happy when it doesn't rain, but I kind of started loving the the dark clouds you see sometime in the horizont. More dramatic skies produce more interesting paintings. I hope I still got a chance to do more paintings inmy lasts weeks here