Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Patsy Cline in the Masonic Temple

One of the most intriguing buildings in St. John's is the Masonic Temple (I painted it here). One day when I was painting on Gower St. I meet Peter Halley. Peter told me that they bought the building 3 years ago and since then they offer shows and musicals there. I think it is great that such an interesting building it is open to the public filled with new life. He invited me to visit their new show Patsy Cline. I never heard anything about Patsy Cline before (yes, it is true) but I enjoyed the show a lot. Ms. Shelley Neville was fantastic impersonating Patsy. Not only she had a great voice but she also played very well Patsy's evolution from a country girl to a star.
Peter Halley played the radio moderator. He established from the beginning a good link with the audience and narrated Patsy's life with a lot of humor. I had a great time!

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