Monday, June 6, 2011

Farm Market

Last Saturday the Farm Market opened in St. John's. I was very exited since I love to draw markets. Some people will remember my sketches in the markets in Sicily, in Oman and in Abu Dhabi and Dubai. Well here I have to confess that I was a little disappointed since there weren't much vegetables around.
But it seems to be a very nice place to gather when the weather is good, and the amount of people that was there, shows that there is a need for a market in St. John's.
31 Farm market
This guy was selling organic herbs> I painted the herbs with the rest of some kelp shot (some kind of grass juice)
32 Farm Market
There was also this association that repairs bikes
33 Farm Market
The couple was selling turnips and some plants.

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  1. It looks a bit different from UAE ;)

    I'm loving your records of your trip. Sorry I am unable to comment on everything, but I am looking at them and admiring your work.