Saturday, October 2, 2010

Moleskine Exchange Tim's Moly

I have told you about the Moleskine Portrait exchange. I get a Moly by mail and then I do a portrait form the owner and myself and then I send it to the next on the group. So everybody have sent his Moly and the project is finished when all Molys got a drawing from all the members of the group.
This is my drawing for Tim's Moly. I choose to draw myself as a tattoo on his arm. In the original picture he was showing a roadrash he got in a bicicle accident.
The funny about this game is to choose clever ways to conect both portraits and at the same time lik to the previous drawings.
Ramires for esample use a Photo from Tim using some 3d glasses and decided that he probably could have been watching something extraordinary like UFOs. He portrait himself inside the Ufo in a pop-up way. Ramires is such a great artist! His acrylic skills and imagination are extraordinary! The first entrance of the book, was from Tim (his selfportrait) He said it was his first time using acrylic but he did a great job.
This was my first time with acrylics too (the blue background and the red shirt) I still really bad on acrylics and have a lot to learn.

Please check out , moly_x: international moleskine exchange. Also,

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