Saturday, October 30, 2010

Al Jahli Fort, Al Ain

My favorite place to sketch is the Al Jahli Fort,
It is a big fort, but at the same time it have many interesting corners to sketch.
There is the Jahli tower, and there is a small building inside the courtyard. I also like the galeries with the guest room where u get some arabic coffee and dates.
I went last friday with two friends. I needed some Photos to use in my sketcher profile. Me sketching and the building in the background. We arrive a little late (the fort closes at 17:00) and although we got still an hour my friends got fascinated exploring the tower and didn't came back till it was almost time to close. We just got time to do a few pictures. I did two new sketches. I have not scanned yet. But I post here some old sketches I have done before.
al jahli

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  1. I like this one and look forward to seeing the new ones.

    Re. sketching buddies. I posted messages on a social networking site I use. In UK I contacted people whose blogs I follow, who live fairly near to my parents, and asked them if they wanted to go sketching.