Friday, September 12, 2014

Paraty Workshops!

After coming back from Brazil, from the Urban Sketcher Symposium in Paraty, I am full of ideas and inspiration.
The workshop I liked most was the "Wide Angle Perspective" with Paul Heaston. It was so difficult at first, but after a while you start getting the feeling. You have to check Paul Heaston' sketchbooks. His drawings from the Favelas in Rio were amazing. I hope he will upload the drawing soon.
By Behzad Bagheri was all about mixing colors on the paper, playing with what you see in that mix, I keep tying to be bold all the time, to find some forms in the abstraction
I was so happy to finally visit Lynne Chapman workshop. "Afraid of Color?" We got a storm while drawing and the water level kept going up and up, until we where completely surrounded by water 

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  1. Lovely to meet you again Omar and see your lovely paintings, both in your sketchbooks and here.