Wednesday, June 13, 2012


I did some acrylics based on this sketches:

First painting:
Scandis 01
I didn't find the first sketch  very dynamic so I change my position to get a different view.
Scandis 02
I prefer to paint based on sketches. Through the sketches I am sure that I catch the important elements. I decide for the acrylic to distort the perspective in order to have a more dynamic image. I concentrate colors in the background and in one of the windows to create a diagonal balance in the painting.
Cafe Scandis Acrylic on canvas 140x70cm

Second Painting:
Hollywood Restaurant Cph
In this case is an interior. To keep the mood of the place I use warm shadows based on the red that is present on the interior design.
Cafe Hollywood Acrylic on canvas 100x50 cm

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