Thursday, March 17, 2011

In The National newspaper UAE

I went to the Abu Dhabi Book Fair two days ago. They have this year an illustrators corner. I have the opportunity to meet really talented people and enjoy talking about their work. I show to them also my sketches and they liked them too. I don't remember how it started but one asked me if I could do a portrait of him and then the others followed. When I was doing one portrait the press arrived and started doing some interviews to the illustrators. They also took some pictures of them. The photograph asked me my bussiness card, I though because he liked the portrait I was doing, but I was surprise to find my name and my picture (at least my hands ) in the newspaper next day.


  1. Congratulations Omar.

    One thought, can you repost the sketches you post on USk here too? I feel happier leaving comments on a personal blog and miss the opportunity to comment on some of your fabulous work because of it.

  2. thanks Sue. i will try to do that in the future